Conversations In Stillness

August - Chapter 1

I Do Nothing,

and the people transform themselves.

I love Stillness,

and the people bring themselves to correctness.

I do No Work,

and the people enrich themselves.

1 have no desires,

and the people by themselves become Simple.

“The Dao of the Dao de Ching”.  Translated by Michael Lafargue.

At the end of a recent course with people who have all worked together for some years now, we set about listing the headline words that underpin this work.  We came up with just 11 or 12, and I feel, these could probably have been further reduced as, so often. the meaning of one word was contained in another.  Just 12 words but so many different ways of approaching them until, finally the deepest inherent meaning becomes a reality, a felt sense, an experience.

The explorations that we, as a fluctuating group, have been making together, in groups of 15-20 from a total membership of about 200 people, over the last ten years, amount to some 400 hours of training; enough to make a substantial post-graduate diploma course. And yet, it all boils down to 12 words!.  A whole way of being is built into them.

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