Conversations In Stillness

April - Chapter 9

This is not a piece of modern art but is a photograph of emptiness coming into form; as seen through the Hubble telescope. Perhaps it is also art, after all.  There is emptiness, a singularity arises and relationship between subject and object is born.  From this, the ten thousand things arise.

In earlier chapters, we have discussed topics such as “let the work, or the synergy, do the work” and have suggested that the more we can get out of the way, the emptier the bowl can be, then the more profound the rebirth into a better adapted, less inhibited, form.

The implication has been that the more the personal and restricted ego loosens its hold, the more we shall be in touch with a truer and unlimited, self.  Work arising from this place of communality can be very powerful, even life–changing, in the reports of many people. 

This is where we run into a little trouble.  We have let go of our attachments enough for the work to do the work.  Now we fall back into attachment and want to analyse what work has been done and how we can do it again.  Surrender and trust are not easy.  The uniqueness of each situation, as it reveals, is a readily accepted theory but the maintenance and practice? They have to be continuously worked on or we are rapidly back where we started, in the personal intellect.

I know so well how easily I want to take credit for some change or improvement.  The paradox is that if I were responsible, it wouldn’t have happened!

I want to stress this strongly that the further we get out of the way, the greater may be the outcome but that is because we are out of the way and we have not acquired some power or siddhi with which to heal mankind.

Any moderately successful healer, of whatever persuasion, will have attributes and powers projected on to them.  It is important to realise that that projection is from the need of the patient not a statement of fact.  In my view, to take any other
view leads eventually and inevitably to aggrandisement and thence abuse.

We cannot heal anyone. We can only witness the healing that is taking place, is a mantra I have repeated many times.

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