Conversations In Stillness

January - Chapter 6

The Embodied Spirit.

We have got past the New Year and I have had my birthday.  The Black Dog is now a rather attractive shade of grey and what passes for normality is just about restored.

Some of my family were able to turn up to participate in the birthday.  Here is a picture of the grandchildren a couple of years ago on my 75th.

The Grandchildren
The Grandchildren on my 75th

I don’t know when we will all get together again.  They grow up, they move on and two have recently emigrated to Australia.

However; a COMMAND has gone out for my 80th!  No attachment round here, you understand!

I am often encouraged to make my writing less dense – tease it out a bit.

What I want to do this month, is to try to expand a little on the idea, which arose in the last paragraph, that we cannot work with the Spirit, as I used to say, ( I gave a course called “Working with the Spirit” ) but have to become it.  That is why the course I now offer is entitled “The
Embodiment of Spirit.” Embodiment is the right word as the sensory mechanism for any experience is right here not in Heaven, Hell, the Bardo or anywhere else.  This is it and there is no other it.  How to get to the realisation of that it, is another, long, long story.  Or it is a very short story: be present!

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