Conversations In Stillness

November - Chapter 4

If the "who we really are" is common to all beings then we are talking about the natural ecology of the human being and not only the human being but all sentient beings.

I am not suggesting that the intellect is a bad thing but rather that it is the crowning glory, so far, in the tide of evolution.  We are foolish, or at least, liable to be sick if we focus entirely on the icing and ignore the density of the rich cake which it covers and, indeed, obscures.  I believe we have begun to do this, particularly over the last few centuries.

Let us get back to the body in which the Spirit has at least for the moment, incarnated.

Let me finish with one man’s definition of craniosacral therapy .........

“Craniosacral therapy, at its tenderest, is a journey taken in stillness by two or more people towards a level of being where there is no pathology.”

The following from Christina Hurst-Prager, RCST. in Küsnacht, Switzerland touches very much on the concept of “undigested life experience” mentioned on page 7. It addresses very well the fact that if we go deep enough into the core of relationship – what is sometimes called joint practice – the synergy arising from that field will, without any effort or even intention, allow a “re-birth”. Let the work do the work. We need only sit in awe of the revelation.

I am very grateful for this contribution.

Dear Mike

You asked to write something on the work we do at Duncton Mill – at least this is what I understood.

After the lasts two courses I have had a difficult time with myself. I found it hard to adjust to ‘regular life’, a life, where I had to make the decisions when to do what, as I am not employed nor have a full practice. I have questioned many of my decisions taken previously, and wondered if I had missed my task in life or gone off it – and all those most unpleasant thoughts and questionings. It seemed to me I needed to do much ‘digesting’ – not only of old life experiences that had accumulated throughout the decades, beliefs that evolved out of them (or I made out of them), but also of the experiences in your courses.

Only in the last few days have I started to realize that experiences and resulting beliefs are starting to change; quite imperceptively, actually.

During the ‘morning musings’ and the sharing of our experiences of our work together, the concept of ‘undigested life experiences’ comes up every so often, as the source of our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort or dis-ease. However, very seldom do any of us, share or talk about a very specific experience that we have not digested yet, the way one often seems to do in psychotherapy. And yet, those up to that moment in time undigested life experience, seems to start
digesting itself.  Simply, if that is not too modest a word to use, by connecting to another person from a deep, compassionate and non-judgmental place.

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