Conversations In Stillness


Mike Boxhall
Mike Boxhall

For the next twelve months, starting in August 2006, I am proposing to post some small think-piece each month and invite people to respond, either immediately or at any later time in the year, with any amplifications, contradictions, poems, photographs or whatever else may come to mind.

Responses should be by e-mail to I will arbitrarily select the responses I like best and post them on to the website in the appropriate month, below the entry to which they refer.

Allow about ten days for your contribution to be posted.

The main reason I have chosen this rather autocratic method of working is that I do not want this particular conversation to become a “chat room” but rather an exploration of the embodiment of Spirit and the implications of that. Hence the title, above.

My hope is that we can, between us, build up a little body of wisdom, which perhaps, may bear publishing to a wider audience.

This work is in response to numbers of students who, over the years, have asked me to put something in writing. I have been reluctant to do this as going into print somehow fixes things in concrete whereas so much of my teaching has been about seeing what is there in the present when we let go of our reactivity to the past.

I am hoping that by keeping this as a work in progress, constantly changing as new revelations appear, we can achieve the best of two worlds. Publish a book to enable people to make their own journey into awareness from a solid base and, at the same time, keep expanding what we have now.

This work is not at all about what should be but how to arrive at what is.

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